Full-time school

From 7.00 am to 8.00 am, secondary school pupils will be able to sit in a lounge to work quietly. For Before and after classes supervised study rooms will be available to pupils outside school hours. Support classes, remedial measures and cultural activities (Maison de la Culture, Culture Week, theatre, cooking, Youth club) will be available.A range of activities will be on offer, including sports (sports section, LASEL, dance club, etc.), science (bee-keeping, orchards, gardens, etc.) and prevention.

EIMAB operates according to the Accredited European Schools

Useful information

Full-time school

EIMAB is a full-time school with a timetable that allows it to organise extra-curricular activities in a wider, less crowded time frame.


Who was Anne Beffort?

The name ‘Mersch Anne Beffort International School’ is perfectly suited to the new school for the following reasons: Madame Anne Beffort (1880-1966) literally personified and even prefigured, by her very being and existence, the evolution of the former domestic school into a new, lasting international school. The daughter of a gardener and one of 12 siblings, Madame Anne Beffort defied all the social obstacles and prohibitions of the time to become the first woman to hold a doctorate from the Sorbonne in Luxembourg and the first woman teacher in the Grand Duchy. Co-founder of the Lycée de Jeunes Filles (Lycée Robert Schuman) and a teacher with heart and soul, her unparalleled courage led her to stand up to the occupying forces during the Second World War. A specialist in Victor Hugo, her unwavering commitment to the French language and culture earned her the Légion d'Honneur from Robert Schuman. A convinced European from the outset, she worked tirelessly for the European ideal throughout her life.

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