International Primary

The primary school is located on the EIMAB II (46, rue de la Gare in Mersch) near the railway station.

EIMAB offers a 5-year cycle of European primary education (pupils aged 6 to 11) with two language sections: a French-speaking section and an English-speaking section.

International Secondary

The school operates on the model of Accredited European Schools, open to all students and free of charge.

At the international Secondary school, we offer 3 language sections: English, French and German.

Voie de préparation

The voie de préparation guarantees personalised teaching. The course is adapted to the student's profile and pace, and meets individual needs. 

Boarding School

EIMAB is the only public international school in Europe to have its own Boarding Schoolwhich is not a separate entity, but an integral part of our school.

EIMAB's Boarding School offers learners of all kinds - pupils, students, young sportsmen and women, young musicians, young artists, etc. - ideal living conditions and preparation.


Visite de l’exposition « Alma Pintada »

Le 6 juillet, les élèves de Portugais L3 et de l’activité péri-parascolaire ont eu l’opportunité de visiter l’exposition « Alma Pintada » du photographe Paulo Lobo, au Centre Culturel Portugais.

Visite du Primaire au Vitarium (Luxlait)

Les classes P1 du Primaire ont visité le Vitarium au Roost. Les élèves ont eu la possibilité de voir comment les produits laitiers sont fabriqués. De plus ils ont pu préparer et déguster des muffins.

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