SEA - Maison Relais

EIMAB has chosen to work with Inter-Actions a.s.b.l. to set up and manage the day-to-day running of the education and reception centre (SEA) for schoolchildren, more commonly known as a ‘maison relais’.



The Maison Relais is open every day from 7am to 7pm outside school hours. It is integrated into the school building, making it easy to move between the school and the Maison Relais.

Every day, a balanced and varied meal is served to the children, taking into account the nutritional values and particularities of each child (diet, allergies, etc.).

Homework help is offered every day of the week, in collaboration with the primary school teachers. We offer a calm and pleasant place where children can complete their homework in an ideal setting, with information and teaching materials at their disposal. They can work independently or benefit from the support of a member of education staff if necessary.

The reception rooms have different functions offering the following services: arts and creativity, psychomotricity, relaxation and reading, construction games, music and dance, board games, catering and snacks.

Access conditions

All primary school children who have received confirmation of their enrolment at EIMAB can enrol in the Education and Reception Service (SEA). Billing is carried out using the service voucher system (CSA). The service voucher card must be renewed each year.

Opening hours

During the school year

Monday to Friday, 7am to 7pm, outside school hours.


School holidays

Monday to Friday, 7am to 7pm non-stop. Activities are organised such as excursions, walks, cooperation with local associations, sports clubs and visits to attractions and sites in Luxembourg and the Greater Region.


Periods when the SEA is closed

All public holidays. The Maison Relais remains closed at weekends and closes at 2pm on 24 and 31 December.


Maison Relais EIMAB

46, rue de la Gare

L-7590 Mersch

Tél. : +352 28 33 85 00

E-mail :

Names of managers

Marc Straus

Désirée Thill

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