On the road to the European Baccalaureate...

  • EIMAB offers you the European Baccalaureate programme in 3 sections
  • Languages offered in L1:
  • Languages offered in L2:
  • Languages offered in L3

The European secondary cycle

S1-S3 : Observation cycle

Most subjects are taught in the mother tongue or strong language (L1). From the first year of secondary school, all students begin studying a second foreign language (L3). In the third year of secondary school, all students study the humanities in their first foreign language (L2). In upper secondary, Latin is offered as an option.

S4-S5 Pre-orientation cycle

En quatrième et cinquième années secondaires, le cours obligatoire de sciences intégrées est subdivisé en trois matières: physique, chimie et biologie, et les élèves ont le choix entre un cours de mathématiques normal ou un cours avancé. Les autres options comprennent les sciences économiques, une troisième langue étrangère (L4) et le grec ancien.

S6-S7: Orientation cycle

The sixth and seventh forms form a whole, leading up to the European Baccalaureate. Although there is a core of compulsory subjects (including mother tongue, the L2, mathematics, a science course, philosophy, physical education, history and geography), pupils can also choose from a wide range of optional courses of two hours, four hours or at an advanced level.

Useful information

Full-time school

EIMAB is a full-time school with a timetable that allows it to organise extra-curricular activities in a wider, less crowded time frame.


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