Prepare your professional training

Our focus is not on the deficits and weaknesses of the individual, but on the diversity of individual and personal aspirations, abilities and resources.

The International Preparation Track (VPi) is organised on a modular basis, allowing each student to progress at his or her own pace. Depending on the number of modules passed at the end of 5VPi, students may be directed towards
- the S1 - S3 class,
- the 5AD class,
- vocational training (certificat de capacité professionnelle - CCP, diplôme d'aptitude professionnelle - DAP),
- the vocational initiation class (CIP),
- educational pathways to prepare for vocational training, or labour market integration measures (COP/COIP classes).

In 7VPi, mathematics and general knowledge will be taught in the vehicular language. Workshops and physical education are taught in Luxembourgish. 

Useful information

Full-time school

EIMAB is a full-time school with a timetable that allows it to organise extra-curricular activities in a wider, less crowded time frame.


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