School Life Service - SVS

The School Life Department is involved in the educational supervision of pupils. Alongside the class coordinators, it is one of the first points of contact for parents on all matters relating to pupils' schooling. His duties include welcoming, informing and advising pupils, and he offers a place where everyone can talk and listen. For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact one of our departments by email.


CARE's multidisciplinary team aims to promote psycho-social well-being by offering support in the event of personal, family, social and educational difficulties. It listens to students, parents and teachers, while following the quality objectives of the psycho-social and educational support approach, which include help and advice, prevention, guidance, inclusion and social equity.



All late arrivals at the beginning of the day, as well as pupils' absences, will be centralised by this service. Parents and class teachers will be informed on a regular basis.



The CIS defines the provision for pupils with special educational needs, and is responsible for implementing support measures for children and young people with special educational needs.



The guidance unit sets up a series of activities to help students identify their abilities, skills and interests. Guidance counsellors support students in their choice of education and/or vocational training.



The COOL-DOWN team is on hand to deal with any disciplinary problems or differences of opinion with a class teacher.



In addition, different types and levels of support are offered to ensure that pupils with special educational needs and difficulties receive appropriate help at any stage of their schooling to enable them to develop, progress to their potential and integrate successfully.

EIMAB operates according to the Accredited European Schools

Useful information

Full-time school

EIMAB is a full-time school with a timetable that allows it to organise extra-curricular activities in a wider, less crowded time frame.


Who was Anne Beffort?

The name ‘Mersch Anne Beffort International School’ is perfectly suited to the new school for the following reasons: Madame Anne Beffort (1880-1966) literally personified and even prefigured, by her very being and existence, the evolution of the former domestic school into a new, lasting international school. The daughter of a gardener and one of 12 siblings, Madame Anne Beffort defied all the social obstacles and prohibitions of the time to become the first woman to hold a doctorate from the Sorbonne in Luxembourg and the first woman teacher in the Grand Duchy. Co-founder of the Lycée de Jeunes Filles (Lycée Robert Schuman) and a teacher with heart and soul, her unparalleled courage led her to stand up to the occupying forces during the Second World War. A specialist in Victor Hugo, her unwavering commitment to the French language and culture earned her the Légion d'Honneur from Robert Schuman. A convinced European from the outset, she worked tirelessly for the European ideal throughout her life.

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